Friday, July 27, 2007

Well, I passed!!

Have you ever taken a test and come out of it KNOWING you failed? Or, have you ever come out of a test KNOWING that you kicked butt? Yeah... I came out knowing that I did horribly and found out shortly after that I didn't do as bad as I thought. They're sending the official score in the mail. I think I like it better just knowing if I passed or failed. But hey, I passed.

So now I just wait to see if the Department of Health will approve my license application and everything will be good.

*coming soon... we haven't had gatorade in our home for almost 2 whole weeks!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

i'm so excited. i'm so excited. i'm so... so... so scared.

So I have to take this test today. And I am scared. It will be THE LONGEST 3 hours of my life, thus far. If it was a practical test, I know I would kick butt. However, I'm not so lucky. It's a computer test and the one good thing is that I find out if i pass right there when I'm done.

I'll keep you posted on how I do.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Well, they said you had a big appetite, but BOTH feet in your mouth at ONCE?

Some people.

I am trying to get my license to practice my field in the state of Florida. It has been a headache. But I am glad to say that now I have all my requirements done and I am just sitting and waiting.

New Mr. Tia and I were talking about me going back to school. I mentioned that I'd like to go back and get trained in another field... you know, add to my repertoire. Well, after going to take a couple classes that were required for my license I realized I wasn't ready to go back to school.

Ever go to a trade like school? Where you have class Monday through Friday? 5 to 6 hours a day? With... the... same... people. Every. Day. Some people are great. And then other people you cannot stand and you focus all your energy trying to get away from them.

Being in this class I watched alot of the students and related alot of them to my classmates that I graduated with just a year ago this weekend. I had the fortune of sitting next to a nice lady with a warm smile. She was older, had graying hair and a fanny pack.

During these classes, frequently we get breaks. Being in these classes can be very monotonous and trying on someone's patience. During break, nice lady and I had a conversation like this:

Lady: This is effing ridiculous. I feel like I'm in effing detention. Tomorrow is going to be an effing cluster-eff... (turning to face me and seeing fear on my face...) Sorry, I had a bad night at work last night and I'm just effing frustrated. (She mentioned her bad night at work about 5 times.)

Tia: Hey it's cool. You know, everyone has their days. Bad night at work? Are you a trucker? (I understand her feeling like she's in detention. A lot of time is a wasted.)

Lady: So why are you here?

Tia: I have to take care of a class before I get licensed. I went to school up north and they say I have to do a few more things before I can practice. That's amazing that you said the eff word as many times as you did in that short amount of time.

Lady: How many hours have you trained?

Tia: By the time all is said and done, I'll have over 1400 hours. (side note: That's alot of hours. the average amount required by a state is about 600)

This is where it gets good.

Lady: Wow. That's alot. There's a thing over there.... (her voice drifts off as she walks me over to a chart of sorts that had every state listed with the hours they require)... North Carolina... so and so many hours... California... Holy Eff! That's a lot of hours!... ... UTAH... Utah... (turns to look at me) WHO. THE. EFF. WANTS. TO. GO. TO. UTAH. ANYWAY? You think those Effing Mormons really want massages anyway? Who would want to massage those effing Mormons?

*This is where I start to get annoyed. I had to think quickly. Do I tell her I'm Mormon just not active? No. That's none of her business. However. She made me uncomfortable this whole time by being in my face, having offensive breath and saying the eff word on a consistent basis. AND she is one of those people that asks you a question but they don't really care to hear the answer because they are so concerned about hearing their own voice to boot. So, there was no place else to sit in the classroom, and now it was my turn to make her a little uncomfortable.

Tia: Actually, we LOVE massages. And when I GO to UTAH to visit my brother and sister, I like to rub their shoulders. And when my brother from Utah came to visit me up north, I gave him a massage and also, his wife. The one he married in a Mormon temple. And my mom... my Mormon mom. She loves massage. She was always hounding me for one while I was in school. My sister... in Utah... works at a spa where they offer massage. There's actually Massage Schools IN UTAH. And the guys that wrote the review book for that National Board you have to take to get your license? Yeah. Guess what? Mormon.

The whole time I'm talking to lady like this I am right in her face. Making sure she can't cut me off or walk away. Looking her right in the eye. There were a few hours left in the class and she had to sit next to me knowing that she had upset me. Tee hee.

Lady: Well, they're ok I guess.

That's all she had. They're ok I guess. Good come back lady. Nice fanny pack.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Let me try this again

Hi Everyone!

Most of you have probably given up on me because I haven't been up on my blogging. There are a few reasons. a) I got married and that was a busy time. b) I can't think of things to blog about and when I do think of things, I always get nervous that people will be offended. c) When I do think of things to blog about, I can never word the blogs correctly so you may enjoy them. As I have mentioned before, I am ~j's little sister (I'd have a link to her blog here but I don't know how to do that and those of you that are visiting my blog, most likely got here from being on her blog). Anyway, I am ~j's little sister and she has an awesome blog. She is creative and always has great topics to write about and when I read her posts, it's as if I can actually hear her telling a story. Me? Not so much. Sometimes I don't feel as though I am blog material. Believe it or not, I have written a lot more posts, but I always delete them. What is this? Blog fright? Fear? Am I still 7 years old wanting to be like my big sister?

Anyway, I will try to be more dillegent about blogging because quite frequently things happen that I would love to share with people. Like this:

Last night, I dragged the New Mr. Tia to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy trivets. We thought we would just pick up a few things for the house. Well, sometimes a husband can be like a child. Case in point: I mention I want a spice rack. (Not right now, but maybe for Christmas or perhaps when we buy a new house) He starts laughing hysterically at the display pointing at the jar marked "Dill Weed".

Then we looked for an ice cube bucket for the freezer. We couldn't find one anywhere. That store can be sensory overload sometimes. I looked high and I looked low. And then as I looked, I walked toward my husband. I lightly stroked his arm and said, "Looks like they don't sell them here... Oh, you're not my husband."

And that's my story.

And here's a question for discussion: The color Aqua- is it predominately blue or green? I mean, I know it's blue-green but would you say it's more blue or more green?