Monday, November 19, 2007

Better than me

As most of you know, I have done a lot of jobs in my past. Anything you put in front of me, I'll try it.

After my long struggle of becoming an LMT here and finally finding a job, I only work part time at my new spa. So to make up for some lost time, I have been bartending a couple nights a week. I used to bar tend for a corporate restaurant but then have moved to a new place that opened up and the money to be made has been, well, quite phenomenal to say the least.

Let me tell you about new place. It is a wine bar. And a cigar bar. There are leather sofas and chairs for our guests to sit and enjoy their cigars and cocktails and on the weekends we have live jazz and blues. On one end of the bar, there is a walk in humidor with every kind of cigar you can imagine and on the other side, there is a liquor store.

There are two sides to the bar. One is for the public and the other side is for members. You have a thumbprint identifier to let you in to the "Members Only" area. You get many benefits for being a member... 10% off purchases, access to the conference room, a free cigar and bottle of wine a month... and depending on the level of membership, the more benefits you have. But mainly what does your membership get you? Status. "Hey lady, wanna come join me for a cocktail? I am VIP at this club down the street. That's right, I said VIP. I have money."

These members love their liquor and they love to drop their money like no body's business. It is actually quite sickening. I guess that is because I'm from a place that drinks cost a quarter of what they cost in these parts and well, I most of the time got them for free anyway. Bartenders of a feather flock together.

I have been nominated by my colleagues to be the member 'tender. Most members like me. Others don't get my sense of humor. I'm ok with that. I have been known to make almost $200 in tips off of only TWO PEOPLE.

I have now asked to be taken off the member bar for only a couple days. That's all I want. I need a TV timeout. I'm surprised I haven't lost my job yet. If any of you reading know anything about me, you know that I am not one to be talked down to without having something to say back.

Let me set the scene for you...

*about a year ago when I was waiting tables, I waited on some gentlemen that worked for one of the largest car dealerships down here. They tried recruiting me to come to their place and sell cars. I ran into one of the people a few weeks ago while bartending a private party in someones home. I didn't know at that time how he looked familiar and just thought I knew him from the wine bar. Until he came in wearing the dealership's t shirt, did I then put it all together. Read on.

Me: Now I know how you look familiar to me. I served you and some of your colleagues last year at SB.

Him: And we tried to get you to come sell cars with us.

Me: That's right!

Him: If I remember correctly, you had a lot going on then, you were getting married... (he goes on and on)

Me: Yep!

(interrupted by friend of man... aka: I'm With The Guy With The Membership)

IWTGWTM: Wait, let me get this straight... you met her LAST YEAR when she was waiting tables at SB.

Him: Yes.

IWTGWTM: And you tried to get her to come sell cars with you.

Him: Uh-huh.

IWTGWTM: And now here you are, a year later, in another bar, realizing how you met in the first place.

Him: That's right.

IWTGWTM: Well, I can certainly say that I'm glad that in that last year having a job offer fall in her lap like that, she has really moved on to bigger and better things. Way to reach for the stars.

Now, the member that I knew from back when was offended as was I. I looked at him and said:

With the economy being the way it is right now, I am probably making more money bartending than selling cars. And I like to make my money honestly, not by lying through my teeth to sell all the bells and whistles.

You know, some people. Then, my favorite:

Member: Miss? (finger snap) Miss?

Me: You know my name, you can call me by my name.

Member: Oh, well, I prefer to call all who serve me Miss.

Me: Oh? Really? I didn't know we could do that. If that's the case, I prefer to call all who I serve Douchebag. So, what'll it be Douche?

Now, this kid has been up my butt the last few times I have worked. The best part is: I think his parents bought his membership or he saved his allowance. He is younger than me and is the worst of them all. When it's time to close his tab, he always says, "Give yourself 20%". Yessir. I'll be right on that. Thanks for nothing. Douche.

Moral of this post folks, please don't think you are better than anyone else. Treat your servers with respect. They work hard for their money.