Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Prudence

When I open up my Internet Explorer, is my home page. I like it because it has the latest headlines and then some. Sometimes it has Dear Prudie, an advice column of what is and what isn't prudent. I have clicked on the link because sometimes, the column is about things I am experiencing at the time... things like, how to deal with a difficult boss, how to deal with a bridesmaid that just isn't that into her duty as a bridesmaid... etc. However, the articles never really relate to exactly what I am dealing with, but they are entertaining to read.

So now, I ask you, my readers, all four of you, for advice on how to deal.

Dear Readers,

My husband has a friend that has been his friend since he moved here almost 13 years ago. I met friend... (we will call him "Crazy" for anonymity sake) years ago when I was dating my husband. Then, slowly, Crazy went through some issues that kept him highly medicated, hospitalized at one time and and he even went almost 2 and a half years without setting foot in a grocery store or pharmacy. His girlfriend stuck by his side through all of this.

Since his girlfriend had the ultimate goal of getting married and having children, when Crazy told her he was never marrying her or fathering her children, rightfully, she left. He has since moved back to our neck of the woods.

Now that Crazy is back, he has been stopping by our house. I hadn't seen him since before I had moved here. It was nice to see him and I am all about trying to help people overcome whatever may cause them sadness.

Long story short: He has not stopped stopping by. I frequently come home from work and he is here. One time my husband told him it wasn't a good time, that we were about to eat dinner and we didn't have enough for three. Not getting the hint, he offered to sit outside on the porch until we were done.

I like the golden rule. I like to treat people the way I want to be treated. HOWEVER... when I am nice to him, he takes it as an open invitation to be at our house whenever he wishes. When I am rude, he only comes over when I am not there and leaves before I get home.

I think the one thing that gets me is that when I do come home and he is there, he thinks it's funny to call me pet names. I have walked in the house hoping to see my husband and I hear a whiny voice say, "Hi honey". Not what I wanted to hear. I walked in the house the other day after receiving some upsetting news from my sister and I was crying. He said, "Baby, what's wrong?" This is terribly disturbing.

My husband has told him that it is inappropriate that he talks to me that way, but he doesn't seem to get the hint. My husband and I are all about helping others in need and we understand that Crazy just needs friends. But this is too much. I already have planned what I will say the next time he makes me uncomfortable, but I don't like being mean in order to get a point across.

What can I do?

Throwing up in my Mouth in LA

Thursday, April 10, 2008

To All You Diamonds Out There...

I love April. It's a great month. I have always looked forward to April because that meant, the snow would melt after a harsh winter, spring break vacation, new fun clothes, driving with the windows down and the music up... you know what I mean.

Now that I live in Florida, I don't have to worry about the snow and all the months run together and I never really know what time of year it is, just the day of the week.

The thing I love most about April... The birthdays. Yes, the birthdays. It starts on the 2nd and doesn't stop. And I am not saying, "Boo hoo, I have so many birthdays to remember this month." I remember all of them. Every year, at the end of March, I set out on a big shopping trip. New Mr. Tia laughs because it's like Christmas for us again. We have 10. That's right, ten birthdays to remember in April. And only 2 of those ten are close friends. The rest of those birthdays are family.

This, my friends, is the price I pay for having my birthday the same week as Christmas. That has always been my reasoning. That, and if you're into astrology, Aries and Capricorns are very compatible. All but one of my important birthdays to remember are Aries. (Sorry, Tito)

What month do you love?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Things that keep me up at night.

It is 6:25 AM. And I have been up since 4:15. I can't sleep. You know what woke me up? My hands. They itch. Like a something that rhymes with itch.

I have had this condition for a little over 4 months now. It started as something small and has now spread down my wrists. I thought maybe I was allergic to the chemicals they cleaned my wedding ring with since this irritation was only confined to my left ring finger. Then is spread to my left little finger. Then my right middle finger. And down my wrists and to my arms. I have sought treatment at a local clinic and have gotten a steroid. When on the medication, I'm golden. The minute I discontinue it, the itching comes back.

Not so good for a Massage Therapist, you know? The thing is, it isn't contagious, so I can continue to work. I have been watching the different products I use at work and have kept an eye on the condition, but I can't pinpoint what it could be. It got to the point that my fingers itched so bad that my ring finger swelled and I had to have my wedding band cut off. I have now been on this medicine twice and was told if it acts up again, I will be referred to a dermatologist. So I have been online shopping for health insurance. That's right. I don't have any and just received word that I don't work enough to get it through my job.

The fact that I don't work enough is not by choice.

I went to the dentist a few weeks ago and have a $2500 estimate of work that needs to be done. Again, no insurance. Sweet.

When I go to work, I sometimes feel as though I am living my own real life version of the movie Mean Girls. I know that ~j. loves that movie, but to live it really hurts at times.

~j. has to take Bubbity Boo Bah to Salt Lake today. I really hope that things go well. It seems like forever ago she told me they were going for the test and now the time is here. I'll be impatiently waiting to hear how that goes.

Why does NMT have to snore like that all the time and why is it that when I get out of bed because I can't sleep from his snoring, he decides that's a good time to stop the snoring? And why am I noticing that that was a total run on sentence and I'm not going to do anything about it?

Early morning, April 4
Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride

Did you know that that part of the U2 song is about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Friday marks the 40th anniversary of his death. Just a little random trivia for you.

My inlaws are coming. In two weeks. I have to get the house together. I don't want to rush around at the last minute trying to get everything together. Lists upon lists upon lists.

Sarrie comes right after that. I wish that I could take more time off of work to spend with her, but I can't and she is cool with that.

I am so glad that I don't have to work today so I can take a nap later. I know I'll be tired later on.

And there you have it folks, the things that run through my head when I can't sleep.