Friday, September 28, 2007

Try and try as I might.

So I have been trying this blog thing and made numerous attempts many times to stay at it. Things happen to me that make me think, "this would be a cool post". Then I sit at the computer and it's almost like my brain quits on me.

Now, I figure this: My sister, recently revealing she is expecting numero seis can manage to maintain her blog. My brother, attending law school and his wife, attending to their two beautiful, very active children, can manage to maintain their blog. Why the eff can't I?

Things here in Lehigh Acres (LA, as I like to call it) have been crazy. I recently quit my job that I have had for over a year and have taken 2 new positions: LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) and CM (Certified Mixologist) at an upper scale, less corporate than my current job, watering hole. New Mr. Tia is still working hard in the furniture industry and we are both working hard so we can start saving money to build a newer, bigger house. It is amazing that our 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom home is too small for us. We just have a lot of crap. But it's all important crap, mind you.

We also just returned from our honeymoon a few weeks ago. We boarded the Carnival Valor and set sail for Nassau, Bahamas; St. Thomas and St. Maarten. We had a fabulous time and between his blackjacking and my bingo playing abilities, we won $1000. I bet you didn't know there was a method to playing bingo, huh?

I know in my last post that I mentioned that I was going to talk about the no Gatorade in my house. Well, that post was a while ago and we still have not had Gatorade in the house. For those that don't know, New Mr. Tia LOVES his Gatorade. I used to buy 3 gallons at a time and that would MAYBE last a week and a half. He has recently developed some body issues and health issues, resulting in him cutting out Gatorade after reading the nutrition label. I'm very proud of him because if he had the option of having an IV of the stuff hooked up, he'd do it. Next step, quitting smoking. I think he's ready. If he's ready and can do it, so can I. We are going to do it together. Then I can spend less time sitting outside by my pool and more time in front of my computer, honing my blogging skills.

Time for me to go now, but I just wanted to create a new post in a third attempt to maintain my blog. Thanks for your patience.